Refund Policy

Event Cancelation and Refunds
Event Organizer agrees to inform Eventcloud as soon as reasonable possible if the event will be cancelled. If the event is cancelled or postponed Event Organizer shall reimburse ticketing fees collected in full back to Eventcloud if Eventcloud has already settled the Event Organizer. If Eventcloud has not yet settled the Event Organizer it has the right to reimburse all customers. Ticket processing fee of 2 dirhams per refunded tickets in addition to the agreed commission will be charged to Event Organizer.

In case of event cancellation, the organizer will pay to Eventcloud the agreed commission on the canceled event ticket sale plus the agreed upon (VAT Inclusive) cancellation fee.

Whist Eventcloud will try to resolve any issues with customer complaints as much as possible and follow the Event Organizer’s refund policy, Eventcloud has the right to process refunds in following circumstances:

  • - Event cancelled due to any reason.
  • - Artists fails to perform.
  • - Artist does not perform the agreed duration.
  • - Artists performs on a different date or time.
  • - Organizer provides wrong information to customers.
  • - Even is postponed.
  • - Change of venue.
  • - Any customer complaint where he/she is not satisfied with the event for any reason.
  • - Lack of information about the event.
  • - Security issues.
  • - No disabled access.
  • - Poor view from the seat or problem with the seat.
  • - Lack of air conditioning.
  • - Change in artist line up e.g. Major act from the show is not appearing at the event.
  • - Change of entry policy.
  • - Delays in event entry.
  • - Difficulties with transportation access to the event.
  • - Wrong seat numbering.

In case Eventcloud is required to refund tickets and it has already settled the funds to the Event Organizer, the Event Organizer agrees to reimburse Eventcloud within 3 days after being notified by Eventcloud. In case of event cancelation where refunds have to be made, the Event Organizer will be liable to pay staff costs that Eventcloud has employed to facilitate access control.

In case a customer disputes their credit card charge and despite best endeavors to validate the charge the bank nonetheless reimburses the cardholder, the ticket shall then be considered unsold. If the reimbursement happens after the event has been settled, the Event Organizer, agrees to pay the full amount back to Eventcloud within 30 days.

In the event of any irrecoverable loss due to the fraudulent use of credit cards or unmet cheques, the ticket will be considered unsold. If event has passed and Eventcloud has already settled the Event Organizer, the Event Organizer agrees to compensate such amount back to Eventcloud within 30 days. If the event has not yet been settled such costs will be deducted from the settlement due to Event Organizer.

If Eventcloud finds fraudulent transaction, Eventcloud has the right to cancel the transaction without notice to organizer. Eventcloud has the right to charge services fees.

The Event Organizer permits Eventcloud to request DTCM on it’s behalf to request to open the event after it has been closed for purpose of refunds and other report adjustments.

Ticket Policy

The Event Organizer to provide the refund policy and entry policy for customers. If no refund policy is provided by the Event Organizer upon contract signing, Eventcloud’s standard event policy will apply. If the Organizer provides refund policy after the ticket sales have started, Eventcloud’s standard refund policy will apply to all previous purchases. Tickets are non refundable non changeable and non transferable. It is the responsibility of the customer to be of the correct age required to enter the event. It is customer responsivity to abide by the dress code set by the Event Organizer. If the customer is declined entry by the Event Organizer for any reason Eventcloud is not liable to refund the tickets. It is the responsibility of the customer to attend the event at the correct time. Non-attended events will not be refunded by Eventcloud. Eventcloud accepts no responsibility for any personal property lost or stolen, or injury incurred at the event. Access with video camera or professional cameras is not allowed. Eventcloud will not be responsible for any lost or damaged tickets. Ticket is not for resale. Anyone buying resold tickets will not be admitted to the event. Exchanging of seats / tickets or categories is not allowed. One person per ticket (unless otherwise stated).The ticket is valid only for the specified show and cannot be reused across multiple events. Event Organizer has the right to refuse entry once the show has started. No re-entry. Ticket holder must have a valid photo identification document such as emirates ID or passport along with the credit card used to purchase the ticket. Failure to preset the above required documents Event Organizer reserves the right to decline entry to event. Customer is eligible to apply for a refund in writing to Eventcloud within 30 days after the event in below circumstances:

  • - Event cancelation.
  • - Artist non appearance.
  • - Artists fails to perform.
  • - Artist does not perform the agreed duration.
  • - Artists performs on a different date or time.
  • - Even is postponed.
  • - Change of venue.

Our policies and terms & conditions may be changed or updated occasionally to meet requirements and standards. Therefore customers are encouraged to frequently visit these sections in order to be updated about the changes on the website. Modifications will be effective on the day they are posted.

Contacting Us
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