eventcloud + Glisser:

Virtual events with real–world ROI & engagement

The world of events has gone virtual in the age of COVID–19, but how do you realise real value and engagement, and illustrate real ROI?

A webinar won't do it.
A live stream is one–way communication.
Asking delegates to download complex software isn't going to work.
Online meeting software gets a bit chaotic after the third person joins.

You need online registration and ticketing.
You need real engagement.
You need speaker and sponsor promotion.
You need to offer a seamless, 100% on-brand experience.
And then you need end-to-end integrated data and insights to illustrate (and elevate) your ROI.

Hi, we're eventcloud. And this is our friend, Glisser.

We've integrated eventcloud's super smart (but super simple) online registration and ticketing platform with Glisser's award–winning virtual event platform to offer exactly that.

Virtual events – elevated

Here's how it works:

1. Pre-Event
Register attendees and sell tickets/optional extras using eventcloud's 100% white-label, 100% brandable registration and ticketing platform, including communications.
2. Event
Offer truly engaging virtual events, including live video streaming, polls, Q&As, surveys and slide-sharing (no software download required), in a brandable virtual environment.
3. Your Sanity
Get one account director (we'll do all the coordination between our two companies), and end-to-end, integrated insights to reveal your ROI.

One, integrated solution, for all your virtual event needs.

Elevated benefits for elevated virtual events.

No added costs
Get the same pricing for this combined solution that you’d get by approaching eventcloud or glisser individually.
One Account Director
You don’t need to coordinate multiple partners - we’re working together (so you can worry about one less thing).
Total event branding
Both eventcloud and Glisser offer end-to-end whitelabellig and branding.
Total registration control
Multiple ticket types allow you to provide different levels and types of access, no matter how complex (or simple) your event is, as well as attendee moderation.
Virtual event, REAL engagement
This isn't a webinar – leverage tools including polls, surveys, moderated Q&A, social feeds, note taking and more.
The easiest user experience available
Both eventcloud and Glisser prioritise simplicity (for delegates and you).
Integrated data
All the insight you want, all integrated, from first contact to the last action, to illustrate your ROI (and opportunities to elevate it).

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